The Ride

The ride begins from the Grange Hall  (also known as Old Agricultural Hall)  in West Tisbury every Sunday.
We ask that riders arrive by 9:00 AM. We depart shortly after. 
We ride in most any weather conditions. Rain, snow, wind, sleet, so be prepared for the day's weather expectations.
You do not have to do the whole ride. We can point you out to the nearest road.
You must be 18+ or be accompanied by an adult  NO EXCEPTIONS

In the summer the grounds and hall are used for the Crafts Fair. Please park in the back to the left. The ride lasts till between 12:00 and 1:00 PM. On occasion we will go till later, but we will let you know before hand. In the off season we do several all day rides. These are pre planned.

We have a method that came about from despair to keep the ride together. Before the ride begins we count the riders. At each intersection the second person is asked to stop and count all the riders through. This keeps the "slinky effect" to a minimum. This also allows us to accommodate    a wider rider skill level.

You should have a mountain bike in good working order. Slime tubes are highly recommended as we regularly encounter thorns.

Bring With You
   Eye Protection
   Water  (hydration pack or two water bottles) riders without water are not allowed. Energy drinks are a good idea.
   Food Energy bar or other snacks
   Spare tube Patch kit OK but tube is better. (This is a must if you have a 29er or a cross bike)
   Tools for repairs 

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Note: Google sees us as Vineyard Haven even though we are West Tisbury. This is thanks to the US Post Office and the 911 registry. 


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